Sacred Prenatal Circles

     Join other mothers to be in a sacred space where we will laugh, cry and create new friendships. Woman have gathered in circles for generations to share stories and wisdom and heal. I believe we have lost this special practice, which is why I have started to create the space for woman to gather again. 

    During my second pregnancy I had the privilege to go to prenatal yoga. It was at this weekly yoga class that I made the most important and life changing friendships. Other woman I had never known before became my village. They are the woman I turn to for help and advice. 

    These types of connections are what I hope for those who come to my circles. My intention is to hold space for healing and connections to form between mothers.

For information when I will be holding another Sacred Prenatal Circle in the Haldimand-Norfolk area follow me on social media or if you would like me to bring my Sacred Prenatal Circles to your area reach out via socal media or  send me an email.

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The blessingway is a beautiful tradition. the term is from the Navajo people but similar ceremonies can be found in many places throughout history in different cultures around the world.  It is a ceremony offered to woman during pregnancy to honor them completely at this special time. It is where woman gather to support the mother to be as she transitions from maiden to mother. When we join together for a blessingway there will be song and blessings, affirmations, love and laughter. We will share a nourishing snack and warming tea as we pour our love and wisdom out to the mother to be. I facilitate private blessingways for woman who are looking for a deep, meaningful way to celebrate this time in their lives. 

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